Natural Wood Branches, Sticks and Twigs for Arts, Crafts and Home Decor


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Natural wood branches, sticks and twigs for arts, crafts, home decor and more

  • 6″ to 14″ long
  • Varies from 1/8″ to 3/8″)
  • May include a few 1/2″ or larger diameter pieces
  • 60+ branches per order
  • All natural, no chemicals, herbicides, or insecticides were used on trees
  • Aged and kept dry out of rain
  • Some larger branches were snipped with clean cuts
  • Most smaller branches were snapped with more natural appearance
  • May include branches from Douglas Fir, Hazelnut, Honey Locust, Maple, Mountain Ash, Pear, Pieris, Pine, Styrax, Viburnum and other trees and shrubs
  • Photos are representative; branches may vary in color, straightness, curviness, etc.
  • May ship in shoe box style box or flat rate box, which ever costs less to your address
  • If you place more than one order, the shipping calculator will automatically combine weights to reduce shipping costs compared to if each order were shipped separately


  • Not a toy
  • May have sharp points
  • Not for small children
  • For arts and crafts, you can boil in water to sanitize; not done due to added weight and terrariums may prefer to retain natural moss, lichen, etc.

International buyers:

  • This item may not be acceptable for import into your country; please check with your country’s import office to verify import is allowed and if you are required to pay any additional fees

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