ServicesWeekdays 9 am – 5 pmSaturdays 10 am – 5 pm
Furniture assembly (free-standing furniture only)$45 per hour$55 per hour
Home repairs and all other services$55 per hour$65 per hour
Payment Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum 2 hour fee, billed in 1/4 hour subsequent increments.
  • Hourly fee allows continual work on more services for you without the hassle of bids, contracts, change orders, etc.
  • Parts and supplies, if any, are a reimbursable expense plus 10% to cover transaction fees and WA business taxes.
  • Washington state sales tax is required.
  • For services that are less than one day in duration, payment is due at upon completion of the work.
  • For services that continue to another day, payment is due at the end of each daily time slot.
  • For your convenience, several payment options are available for you: Apple Pay, cash, Cash App, checks, contactless Tap to Pay, credit and debit cards (chipped and magnetic striped, and VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Google Pay, PayPal and more as accepted by Square.