“Helping you with repairs and installs for your home or business, so that you can concentrate on what you do best, enjoy your life, and eliminate the stress of (someday) doing the repairs and installs yourself.”

Action Craftworks LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor and does repairs & installs for home & business, also known as handyman services. The company is based in Vancouver, WA and serves the southwest Washington community.

Action Craftworks LLC was founded over 10 years as a woodworking company and changed its focus and received general contractor licensing in December of 2022. The company is a member of the Building Industry Association of Clark County, and the founder, Douglas Lee, is a member of the Clark County chapter of BNI (Business Network International).

Douglas has been doing repair and install work since 2021 and was a former landscape architect in the commercial and public works sectors. His interest in construction dates back to attending a technical high school in Portland, OR and also learning handyman skills from his late father.

Currently, the top three requested service categories are:

1) wood: replace or repair wood moulding (trim)

2) walls: repair and paint drywall

3) doors: fix door problems


  • Cabinet drawers that are broken or jammed
  • Office chairs that need adjustments
  • Doors and gates that sag and don’t open or close properly
  • Drywall walls with holes or after plumbing repairs
  • Window screens that are torn
  • Wood shelves that have sagged or separated
  • Wood trim (patch or replace depending on condition around doors, windows, floors)


  • Additional cabinet shelves, custom cut to fit if needed
  • Art frames
  • Blinds
  • Cabinet sliding pull-out organizers and shelves
  • Clocks
  • Closet doors (sliding or hinged)
  • Coat hooks
  • Cord covers to hide power cords (such as below large TVs)
  • Curtain rods
  • Electric LED fireplaces (wall mount or with custom wood frame and mantel)
  • Exterior doors (will need assistance due to the weight)
  • Garage ceiling storage shelves
  • House wrap such as Tyvek and others (1 story only)
  • Interior doors, including switching the door swing direction
  • Mirrors
  • Over-the-range microwave ovens
  • Photo frames
  • Screen doors
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Stereo wireless speakers
  • Storm doors
  • Towel bars
  • TVs (wall or ceiling mount)
  • TV sound bars
  • Wall art
  • Wall shelves
  • Water hose holders
  • Weatherstripping
  • White boards, bulletin boards
  • Wood trim around doors, windows, floors


  • Cabinet drawer guides
  • Drawer knobs
  • Deck boards, stairs, railings
  • Door hinges, knobs, locks, strikes
  • Door weatherstripping (such as door bottom sweeps, sides, and top)
  • Fence boards, gates, rails (no posts, can refer to another company)
  • Light bulbs (including non-covered floodlight bulbs on ceilings up to 2 stories high)
  • Wood trim


  • Beds
  • Bookcases
  • Cabinets
  • Computer monitor stands
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Drawers
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fitness and weight trainers
  • Kids’ toys
  • Office furnishings
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pet enclosures 
  • Sofas
  • Tables

Furniture products are from Amazon, Ashley Furniture, Ikea, Walmart, Wayfair, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, and more

Other indoor services:

  • Paint walls (indoors only, water based paint)
  • Wash interior windows

Outdoor services (no longer doing landscape work, but can refer to another company):

  • Caulk driveway and sidewalk joints (needs dry weather before and several days after)
  • Clean gutters (1 story only, needs dry weather)
  • Fix leaky gutters (1 story only, needs severals days of dry weather before, during and after)
  • Install hose reels
  • Stain decks (needs severals days of dry weather before, during and after)
  • Wash exterior windows (only 1 story, from ground level only)

Remove and dispose (wood can be recycled):

  • Carpets
  • Carpet pads, tack strips, staples, nails
  • Rotted deck boards
  • Rotted wooden planter boxes
  • Scrap lumber


There are some exclusions, either due to state laws, insurance criteria, not equipped, or choose to exclude because it is not feasible to do everything!

  • appliances installation such as clothes washers, refrigerators, stoves (under-cabinet microwaves are not excluded)
  • appliance repair
  • asbestos or mold remediation
  • burglar/fire/emergency alarms
  • ceiling work
  • electrical (Washington state requires a licensed electrical contractor, or homeowners can install it themselves)
  • environmental clean-up
  • flooring (can refer you to a floor coverings contractor)
  • foundation work
  • HVAC services (can refer you to a HVAC contractor)
  • Internet wiring or set-up ((can refer you to a telecommunications contractor)
  • landscape work (can refer you to a landscape contractor)
  • most tasks that require a ladder over one story high
  • moving heavy materials such as bark, rocks, soil (can refer you to a landscape contractor)
  • pesticides or herbicide applications (can refer you to a landscape contractor)
  • playground equipment
  • plumbing (Washington state law requires a licensed plumbing contractor, or homeowners can install it themselves)
  • pond work (can refer you to a landscape contractor)
  • remediation due to fire or water or insect damage
  • remediation of or disturbing lead based paint (houses built before 1978 unless lead has been removed)
  • remodeling
  • retaining walls (can refer you to a landscape contractor)
  • roofing (can refer to you to a roof contractor)
  • security bars on doors or windows
  • security cameras/doorbells (can refer you to a telecommunications/security contractor)
  • structural framing
  • tile work or drilling into tile
  • weed removal by hand
  • weekly/ongoing lawn mowing/yardwork (can refer you to landscape contractor)
  • window installation (unless part of other work)
  • work around hazardous materials or wastes
  • work in medical facilities or nursing homes
  • work in mobile homes
  • work prior to occupancy approval in tract developments of more than 10 units

To inquire about any of these services, go to the Contact menu above and fill out the Service Inquiry Form, or click here.


“Douglas was a delight to work for he was very careful very neat and clean and very enjoyable and did a great job I would highly recommend him”

Susan A, May 31, 2023, switched the door swing of a guest bathroom door, including relocating hardware, routing, drilling, patching, priming, painting

“Douglas is the absolute best! Will definitely be using him again.”

Kelly O, May 25, 2023, installed Yale front door smart lock, repaired cabinet at siding garbage pullout, realigned kitchen pantry doors, built and installed replacement fence gate

“So reliable and does good work – efficient and flexible!”

Andrea S., May 24, 2023, re-caulked bathroom countertop, fixed front door sag, touch-up painting in door jambs, front door, garage door

“Douglas was excellent in his service: precision, kind attentiveness, efficiency. All that was needed to get the task done, in a very clear and pleasant way. I will hire him again without question. Thank you, Douglas!”

Ruth T., May 16, 2023, installed Ikea motion activated closet lights

“Douglas is fantastic to work with (and I have hired him twice so far). I plan on working with him in the future!”

Travis M., May 9, 2023, replaced owner-supplied rubber gasket on side loading washing machine

“Excellent work very professional”

Kristie D., April 21, 2023, TV mounting with cord covers

“A true professional, great work and great communication”

Sean M., April 7, 2023, 85″ TV with heavy duty mount

“Highly recommended. This was the second time Douglas has mounted my television and if I need any other handy work done, I would look no further. Douglas is very friendly, always on time and always comes prepared with an impressive arsenal of tools for every job imaginable. In fact, this time around I discovered that he brings additional BACKUPS of tools in case something goes wrong with the first set. That is always being 2 steps ahead. Thank-you!”

Amir G., March 22, 2023, 65″ TV mounting

“Thank-you! Really appreciated your help today.”

Luana M., March 13, 2023, changed out several ceiling light fixture bulbs

“Action Craftworks LLC, assembled a large parrot cage for me.  I am impressed with the care Douglas took to follow the complicated directions to the “T” which ensured that the cage is correctly assembled.  This is a powder coated wrought iron cage.  Douglas was careful not to damage the finish.  He ensured that the fit and function of the parts is correct.”

“In addition, Douglas took the appropriate precautions to make sure my vinyl floors weren’t damaged by the parts as he worked and he vacuumed and put the cardboard in my recycling pile (cut the boxes up, etc.).  He then helped me position the cage in the space allotted for it in the room.”

“I could not be happier with his services and already have several projects lined up for him to do next.  I am a very pleased customer and will definitely recommend Douglas at Action Craftworks to friends and family.”

Cindy P., March 7, 2023, assembled large parrot cage

“Douglas is very serious about his work and has all the necessary tools and implements. Our dinged-up old house now looks as good as new!”

Andrea S., Feb 13, 2023, completed repair of wall moulding gouge and door hole

“Douglas was very nice and went above and beyond. The damaged areas look like new!”

Andrea S., Feb 9, 2023, started repair of wall moulding gouge and door hole

“Douglas works carefully and efficiently. He comes with the right tools for a particular job and ensure desired results are achieved. I have hired Douglas for several miscellaneous projects and he is competent, pleasant and trustworthy. I recommend hiring him without hesitation.”

Jamie, 2022-2023, several household mounting and repair projects

“Amazing work! Did 2 projects in 2 hour window and was super friendly”

Chance W., Feb 1, 2023, wall mounted 45″ TV and assembled dual computer monitor stand

“So professional and wonderful to work with. Will definitely use again. Great work!”

Kelly O. Jan. 27, 2023, patched wall holes and mounted shelves, retrofitted from floating style to brackets due to heavy weight

“Douglas did a fantastic job on installing weatherstripping on two doors and retrofitting valance clips for our blinds. He came prepared with a couple of options which I really appreciated. He communicated with me really well. He worked efficiently and kept me updated. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Douglas. I highly recommend him!”

Emily S., Jan. 24, 2023, replaced door weatherstripping, retrofitted valance clips for blinds

“Very professional and precise! Had every tool known to man! Also brought sparkle to patch up a mirror we needed moved. 10/10!”

Jamea O., Jan. 12, 2023, mounted mirror, floating shelf, hooks for coat and handbag

“prompt, very helpful, courteous”

Alfred L., Jan. 12, 2023, trimmed and installed two solid core interior doors

“Great work! Knows his stuff! Thanks Douglas!

Justin V., Jan. 11, 2023, mounted 45″ TV and two surround sound stereo speakers

The reviews below were written when Action Craftworks LLC was a woodworking company. To add a review for a recently completed home repairs or product installs, you can type your written review below and it will be transferred to the above reviews. Thank-you!

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