History of Action Craftworks LLC

ActionCraftworks.com 1/2" Oak laminated side by side to create 11" width
Two pieces of 1/2″ thick Oak, edge laminated with professional wood glue before cutting an 11″ diameter circle

Action Craftworks LLC was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, Washington by Douglas Lee and initially sold craft supplies and custom cut wood circles, sold nationwide and worldwide on internet websites. Wood circles and other shapes were cut in various sizes from 1/2” to 36” diameters without burn marks on the edges or a pilot hole in the center. The wood shapes were primarily used for creative customers’ home improvement projects, home repairs, art projects, school assignments and more.

Eventually, custom wood orders were accepted for custom cutting, various shapes, routing and hole drilling. Subsequently, home products such as sports medals 🎖️ displays and others were designed, manufactured and sold, also on the internet.

Action Craftworks LLC became licensed, bonded and insured in Washington state as a general construction contractor in 2022. The services offered include home repairs, office repairs, and product installs for customers in southwest Washington. Action Craftworks LLC continues to build and sell sports medals displays on this website.