Custom Order for Emily N: Custom Wavy Shape 1 Inch Thick Baltic Birch Plywood


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Custom wavy plywood shapes

  • One set of two custom wavy shapes
  • Baltic Birch, the strong, smooth surface, multi-layer plywood for many uses
  • Extra thick 24 mm (0.945″, about 1/16″ less than 1″)
  • 18 layers of plies makes this wood super strong and stable to remain flat and resist warpage
  • Top and bottom surfaces are very smooth
  • May include some wood plugs so that the wood is free of knots
  • Top and bottom edges are hand sanded slightly rounded (less than 1/16″ radius) to remove sharp edges; if you prefer sharp edges and do not want this edge sanding, please include a message with your order
  • Ready for painting, staining, sealing, or can be left natural
  • You should water-seal or prime and paint if this will be used outdoors or near moisture
  • Individually cut and inspected for quality
  • This item is Made to Order
  • Baltic Birch is native to Finland and Russia
  • Milled in Russia
  • Cut and finished in USA

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2 in