Custom Order for Ron: Assortment of Custom Fabricated Oak Pieces, Circles, Rectangles, Routing, Hole Drilling, Gluing



Assortment of Custom Fabricated Oak Pieces: Circles, Rectangles, Routing, Hole Drilling, Gluing

  • Solid real Oak wood, not plywood
  • Red Oak or White Oak S2S per the drawings (most likely to include Red Oak due to higher availability and lower cost)
  • Wood pieces requested as 1″ may be sourced as five quarters which will be surfaced planed down to 1″.
  • Wood pieces requested as 1.5″ may be sourced as 1.5″ depending on availability or may be sourced as eight quarters and planed down to 1.5″
  • Wood grain will be oriented either parallel with or perpendicular to the length of rectangular pieces unless specifically requested with a preference
  • Per drawing HKSM-PE-001. PLASMA EXHIBIT. CRACKLE TUBE MOUNTING FOOT, dated 8/21/19, Revision A dated 8/21/19
  • Per drawing HKSM-PE-002. PLASMA EXHIBIT. CRACKLE TUBE SUPPORT END CAP, dated 8/21/19, Revision B dated 10/28/19
  • Per drawing pdf file name HKSM-PE-003 (but titled as HKSM-PE-002) PLASMA EXHIBIT. CRACKLE TUBE END CAP, dated 8/21/19
  • Per drawing¬†HKSM-PE-007. HKSM PLASMA EXHIBIT. PLASMA BALL TOP SUPPORT dated 8/21/19. Revision B dated 10/28/19
  • Unfinished, ready for staining, sealing, or can be left natural
  • Listing photo is of a Red Oak circle, for reference only
  • Standard woodworking tolerances of 1/16″+-
  • Please advise of the material types and sizes of all fittings/tubes that must fit within wood openings or around wood widths/diameters, so that the tolerances can be cut towards plus or towards minus to allow space for fitment
  • Nylon hardware such bolts, washers, and nuts, not included but buyer will supply and send via mail. Fittings will be attached with epoxy per the drawings
  • This item is Made to Order
  • Made in USA
  • Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for fabrication as some pieces will require gluing and curing before continuing with fabrication
  • Shipment options include FedEx and US Postal Service with various service levels. Please note that USPS Retail Ground is uninsured, USPS Priority Mail is only insured to $50, and FedEx is fully insured

Thank-you for ordering from Action Craftworks!

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 15 in


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